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Surface Spotlight: Lighting – Time to Shine

04/06/2015 14:50:13

2015 is the International Year of Light, a global initiative adopted by the United Nations to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges. During this significant year for lighting technologies Expo 2015 saw a number of participating countries emphasise the best of their technology within the industry. “Light Collective, the founders of Light School are pleased to announce there will be fourteen talks about light and lighting design at The Surface Design Show for 2016” said Sharon Stammers, co-founder of Light Collective UK. The line-up of speakers includes BDP and David Atkinson, both featured in this issue of Surface Spotlight as we celebrate the creative minds studying light to enhance experience. Sally Angharad reports.

Multisensory Design - The Hive at Expo 2015 wins the International Prize for Best Pavilion Architecture

Lighting Design & Direction: Wolfgang Buttress, Tristan Simmonds, Stage One and BDP
Photos: David Barbour, BDP
www.bdp.com www.simmondsstudio.com www.stageone.co.uk www.wolfgangbuttress.com

Expo 2015 was held under the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ and the UK pavilion the Hive by BDP has been awarded the international jury prize for the best design and relevance to the Expo. The structure aimed to highlight the decline of the world’s bee population and the importance of pollination to the production of food. BDP worked closely with artist Wolfgang Buttress and contractor Stage One to create a beautifully integrated lightscape. A Swarm Wall greeted visitors for a multisensorial experience that used sound and light mapped from a live stream of a real beehive in the UK. One thousand individually-addressable LED luminaires allowed the Hive to pulse and glow, acting as visual representation of bee activity. 

A Sympathetic Synergy  - DALD enhanced the relationship between the architecture and visitor experience for the UAE Pavilion at Expo 2015

Lighting Design: David Atkinson Lighting Design 
Photos: Nick Wood & Clay Interactive

Drawing visitors into a canyon-like ramp space the UAE Pavilion for Expo 2015 was defined by two glowing twelve metre high GCR (glass reinforced concrete) walls. These undulating walls were designed by 2016 Surface Design Awards finalist, Foster + Partners and Land Design Studio (Visitor Experience Designers) to convey the ridges and texture of sand dunes. A varying lighting design approach was required that had to cover several different disciplines and so with extensive knowledge in theatre and architectural lighting DALD was invited to create a sympathetic synergy between the architecture and the visitor experience. Visitors travelled through the sinuous rippled walls with dramatic uplighting leading the way. Although the Pavilion was large the lighting design approach was minimalistic, stretching the LED light sources to their maximum potential.

Creative Arrangements - The Tree of Life was the heart of Expo 2015 featuring ever-changing lighting scenography

Lighting Design & Direction of Mise-en-Scene : Koert Vermeulen & ACT lighting design

In the framework of Expo 2015, ACT lighting design was commissioned to create and develop the lighting scenography of iconic installation the Tree of Life. The project was inspired by the drawing of Michelangelo Buonarroti and designed by Marco Balich and Studio Gioforma, artistic director of the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015. The structure was built by consortium Orgoglio Brescia. Koert Vermeulen, founder of ACT Lighting Design, joined the creative team as Lighting Designer & Director. The Tree of Life interactive structure used advanced technology and was illuminated with LED lights throughout the event. Koert Vermeulen & ACTLD created in total 1260 shows to produce the dynamic and balanced effects through a play of light, colour, video, water, fireworks, as well as bubbles and sounds. 

Invisible Light  - OMA Architects’ minimalist lighting system for iGuzzini removes limitations

Studio Matteo Nunziati, Italy
Photo: Beppe Raso

OMA Architects and iGuzzini

Issey Miyake, London
Photo: Antony Crolla

System53 is a minimalist lighting channel system that was designed by OMA Architects for iGuzzini and offers the possibility of “invisible light”. The channel system houses all variants of the LED Laser Blade family of products by iGuzzini. The flexible structure allows for numerous lighting arrangements meaning architects, engineers and designers are no longer limited to installing products on the ceiling. System53 is particularly suitable for retail environments, offices and residential projects. "Lighting technology has evolved enormously in the past year. The challenge is to work on new designs for new technologies. Together with iGuzzini, a firm with a rich history and an equally impressive R&D department, we developed System53" explains Chris van Duijn, OMA partner.

New Innovators - Spectral Lighting has teamed up with Ravensbourne College of Design to help students create commercial lighting products

Spectral Lighting has teamed up with Ravensbourne College of Design to create a new lighting module. Part of the course will see students designing a luminaire (pendant, wall mounted or desk light) for the manufacturer. The aim is to work with young designers to produce a new free-thinking lighting product concept using latest LED technology. Spectral will be providing the expertise and share with students the latest trends in lighting design. Providing all the LED components and technical back up will allow the young designers to go forward and produce a light product for commercial applications, with the winning designs becoming the centrepiece of Spectral’s stand at Surface Design Show 2016.

Surface Spotlight at SDS16

Visit Surface Design Show 2016 where there will be a live Surface Spotlight display, sharing product samples that capture key material directions for the Healthcare and Retail sectors as well as many others... Follow @surfacethinking for the latest updates. Find out more.


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