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Surface Spotlight: Creativity in Colour

02/11/2017 12:14:52

What better way to compensate for the approach of the winter chill and dark nights than to explore invigorating designs that will give us a boost? Colour offers the perfect antidote, with saturated surfaces and uplifting finishes that make the most of the visible spectrum of light. This issue of Surface Spotlight uncovers innovative designs and celebrates the joy of colour. Sally Angharad reports.

Iridescent glaze: Dimitri Bähler explores an innovative lustre technique to apply colour to ceramics

Iridences is a project by Dimitri Bähler in collaboration with Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli that experiments with an ancient lustre technique set in polychrome ceramic. Originating from the Middle East this special way of glazing ceramics was brought to splendour in Umbria region in the 15th century. Thanks to a special blend of metallic salts and clay, incredible iridescent and chromatic effects are created. This technique requires great skill and dexterity, and only a few ateliers have been able to master it. The collection of ceramic objects is finely crafted, each with its own aspect of colour on the surface created through this very rare and time-consuming process.

Dimitri Bähler | dimitribaehler.ch

Sky light: Marjan van Aubel’s Cyanometer explores the use of Swarovski crystals to harvest daylight

In collaboration with Swarovski, Marjan van Aubel’s light installation gives the sensation of bringing light indoors using crystals to make solar cells more efficient. By cutting the glass in certain angles, the light is refracted in a way that focuses more intensely on the solar cells to increase their effectiveness. Cyanometer takes its name from the 1789 invention which was used to measure the colour of the sky. The portable solar crystal harvests light during daylight hours, then once placed into a docking station, it powers the light installation. The stones used for the ring-shaped installation are opals, which scatter the light in the same way that the sky does. The more light the solar crystals receive in the daytime, the more intense light the installation can bring indoors. The solar cells behind the Swarovski crystals are developed by ECN, the Dutch Energy Centre.

Marjan Vanaubel and Swarovski | marjanvanaubel.com | swarovski.com

Modern marquetry: Winter and Kurth question the value we place on workmanship in their single coloured side tables

The Marquetry Collection by design studio Winter and Kurth is a series of single coloured tables with surfaces that fuse graphic application with simple 3D form. Mixing their individual design backgrounds the duo combine hand assembled marquetry in wood with unusual materials such as solid graphite and cast-crayon. Derived from a collection of macramé textiles, this artisanal craft inspired the visual language of the collection and questions the value we place on workmanship. The communicative value of materials and processes is the catalyst behind their products hoping to challenge our perceptions of fine art, design and craft. Winter and Kurth were awarded the New Designers One Year On 2017 prize, recognised for their high-end craft.

Winter and Kurth | winterandkurth.com

Surface volume: Room One’s deeply coloured wall-mounted speaker has sculptural qualities designed to enhance sound dispersion

Defined by a casual blend of geometry and colour, the design of the wireless speaker Surface by Room One is driven by the technology behind it. Using a state of the art technology called transducers to create sound, the entire surface becomes the speaker as frequencies resonate through the deeply coloured, curved engineered wood. Made from layers of beech veneer, the disks are moulded then shaped using CNC milling. Drawing from backgrounds in both product and industrial design, the product references artistic influences and benefits from concise design methodology. Surface uses a state of the art technology called transducers to create sound, where the entire surface becomes the speaker as frequencies resonate through the disk. The wall-mounted speaker with sculptural qualities, uses Bluetooth technology to bring you the music you want anytime

Room One | roomone.com

Watercolour: Studio Meike Harde’s dyeing technique for wooden surfaces allows the mass production of unique pieces

Wooden Aquarelle is the result of a material study to colour wood by Studio Mekie Harde, exploring the mass production of individual pieces. The wood is coloured by adding liquid pigments which soaks into the surface, creating an autonomous response. Only the palette used for the initial impulse is controllable followed by a colouring process that leaves random, dynamic patterns. Colour gradients, soft transitions, polychrome streaks and nuances cover the wooden material like a translucent ink. As the tinted water evaporates a unique pattern remains, which is then varnished with a transparent finish. The method creates decorated wooden sheets which can be used in various ways such as a base material for furniture, wall panels, or floor tiles.

Studio Meike Harde | meikeharde.com


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