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Surface Spotlight: Materials for Transport

12/12/2017 12:14:52

Welcome to our December edition of Surface Spotlight. This month we look at the first sector in focus at Surface Design Show 2018, transport. Materials more and more can be seen working across a variety of sectors, with manufacturers offering new outcomes for their designs. In this issue we look at inspiring surfaces for the transport sector and beyond. Sally Angharad reports.

Bus & coach: Camira launches its first Transport Design Directions guide

Global textile innovator, Camira, has launched its first Transport Design Directions guide developed specifically for bus and coach interiors. Trend directions for 2018 and beyond, as well as design development, influence the use of colour, pattern and texture, and this working tool identifies future design concepts that focus on improving the passenger experience. Bridging the gap between creativity and practical solutions the three leading design themes are Soft Gradations, Tactile Illusions and Colour Experience, combining textures, materials and colours while showcasing the latest fabrics from Camira. Transport Design Directions features Camira’s stocked ranges including moquette, flat-woven, vinyl and leather as well as made to order capabilities, showing its newest collection of wire-woven fabrics. A sample of Wired will be featured on the Surface Spotlight Live 2018 display at Surface Design Show.  

Camira Fabrics 

Backlighting: Rigel by Lithos Design decorates a mega-yacht by combining marble and light

The interior of an Italian made mega-yacht, the SL86, has been designed by Marty Lowe, tailored to the US market while incorporating marble from Carrara in Italy where the shipyard is located. Lowe used large marble slabs to decorate the interiors and the external lounge area, focusing on the lightness of the spaces. The designer's keyword is "light" and this is why the Le Pietre Luminose collection by Lithos Design was chosen to decorate the living area. Rigel is a back-lit modular 3-dimensional stone covering, where light drives the design and the design directs the light into fascinating luminous and ornamental effects. As a result, the marble is fully revealed, highlighting its inner layers and displaying unexpected colours as it returns a soft and suffused light to its surroundings. Take a look at the collection at Surface Design Show 2018 on stand no. 638.

Lithos Design | Setting photo (c) Jim Raycroft. Picture courtesy of Marty Lowe Interior Design

Innovative veneers: Danzer’s 3D and inlay techniques offer new possibilities for automotive interiors

Danzer, leading quality hardwood specialists, create high quality veneers and it’s latest products present new decorative ideas for sectors including automotive interiors. Firstly Danzer 3D-Veneer creates new possibilities with real wood where in the past, bending and forming wood veneers was possible only within narrow limits. Danzer’s 3D-Veneer allows for the design and production of wooden organic shapes that are lightweight, comfortable, elegant and stable. Another innovation from the brand is Danzer Freeform, featuring metal inlays that add distinction to wood surfaces. Historically, using inlays has involved costly manual labour or limited the shapes to simple linear designs. Danzer’s new and unique industrial process produces veneer featuring almost any organically shaped inlay to enhance the veneer’s appearance, add functionality and carry a brand message if desired. Check out these products at Surface Design Show 2018 on stand no. 216.


High-tech weaving: Anker launches innovative carpeting especially developed for the aviation industry

Anker has created Flooro, a revolutionary new textile carpet for the aviation industry that looks more like a flooring material and weighs considerably less than conventional carpeting. This unique and hardwearing design has been made possible by a newly developed special high-tech woven system. The process weaves the carpet’s individual threads extremely densely to produces a flat and extremely compact textile structure.
Thanks to the design, the finest patterns, structures and textures can be produced, which are not possible with conventional carpets. In addition, 50 per cent of this new generation of textile flooring is made using recycled Econyl yarns. As well as the economic benefits associated with the carpet’s lower weight the new textile designs and textures also present completely new possibilities in terms of interior cabin design. 


Dynamic roofing: the new Passenger Terminal at Franjo Tuđman International Airport Zagreb

The new passenger terminal at Franjo Tuđman International Airport Zagreb, Croatia features a dynamic roof envelope, which unwraps itself, to levitate above the terminal hall. Croatian authors-architects Branko Kincl, Velimir Neidhardt and Jure Radić, were inspired by the surrounding landscape. The distinctiveness of the architectural design is achieved through a composition of hypars. The envelope structure is a spatial truss gently curved in two directions, deploying tens of thousands prefabricated steel tubes and nodes based on the triangular off grid module. The result is a bright, glossy and clean roof surface that also provides the interior with the originality of the curved ceiling and construction, bursting with a multitude of steel elements.

Kincl Architects and Neidhardt Archietcts,


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